It’s always fun to have a little snack ready for the kids. Buzzing Bee Snack Bags are creative, delicious, and simple to put together. #snacks #beesnackideas #classroomsnacks #kids | Classroom Snack Ideas | Easy Snack for kids | Creative Snacks for kids | Bee Snack Ideas | Bee Inspired Activities

Bee Snack Bag

Course: Kids Craft, Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: bee snack bags
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

What You Need


  1. Paint one side of the clothespin with the yellow acrylic paint. Let dry.
  2. Make black stripes with the Sharpie marker.
  3. Give the bee some sparkle by going over the yellow paint with yellow glitter glue. Use the tip like a paintbrush to spread the glue around.
  4. When the glitter glue is stick wet, stick on the google eyes. Let dry.
  5. Use the measuring cup to pour about ¼ – ½ cups of Honey Comb into one side of the sandwich baggie. Using a handled measuring cup helps to keep it to one side. A spoon would work as well.
  6. Combine the chocolate and honey Teddy Grahams. Use the measuring cup to pour about ¼ – ½ cups of bears into the opposite side of the bag. A gentle hand is needed to prevent both sides from combining.
  7. Flatten the bag to get any air out and seal it. Keeping the bag flat on the table, spread the cereal to one side and the Teddy Grahams to the other side, leaving a space in between them.
  8. Fold over each corner and tape down with clear tape to give the bee rounded wings.
  9. Cut the pipe cleaner in half then fold in half. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the middle of the baggie and twist to secure, leave the ends open at the top. Attach the clothespin to the middle of the baggie as the bee's body.
  10. Curl the pipe cleaners to create antenna.

  11. The bee snack bag is ready to buzz into a lunch box!